What we provide

We have all the benefits of an MPLS setup without the high costs and the restrictions of being tied to one ISP for your internet provisioning.

We are ISP agnostic as in we do not require you to use our or any one specific ISP to provide your internet service. Our technology can use Comcast or any available ISP including LTE connections to create your own private network between locations. You can use any internet provider and even multiple internet providers to gain the advantage of connection redundancy at each location. Use two or more connections at once using almost all their combined their bandwidth simultaneously.

Our bonding technology allows you to “Bond” multiple ISP connections into one very fast connection which uses the bandwidth available on all connections aggregated.

There is some overhead on the Bonder device which means your connection to the internet can use between 90-95% of all the connections bandwidth at the same time.

If one of the ISP connections goes offline for any reason your connections (outgoing and incoming) will continue to work with only the failed ISP connections bandwidth not being available while one ISP is offline.

Your VoIP calls, file transfers, connections to cloud services will work more smoothly and will not drop connection any longer when a small second(s) or more internet disruption happens.

On the MPLS replacement we have a product we call PWAN which we use to create a totally private encrypted network between your locations. All printers, shared files or any other network connected task can be made available to all locations making them all one network.

You can use our PWAN and our bonders with just one connection at each location and get the benefit of a private MPLS network at a fraction of the cost. With the addition of other ISP connections you gain connectivity failover. We can provide this in most cases for half or less you current costs. This is factoring in additional internet providers.

Legacy failover allows you to use one of your internet providers as a primary connection which will failover to the backup provider when the primary goes offline. Our technology allows you to Bond two or several internet providers and use all the resources. Bandwidth from all providers at once with failure just causing slower connection with removal of the failed connection from the bond. This happens in milliseconds. There is no noticeable effect on the user network. This is a fully redundant and robust technology.

Is the speed and relibility of your internet connection costing you money?

Bonding from Wideline can improve your bottom line. Internet Bonding provided by