Bond all your connections together.

Bonding simply aggregates multiple internet connections (broadband, DSL, Cable, LTE, etc.) together to give you a much faster and much more reliable connection. The bonded connection combines the bandwidth capacity of each circuit connected, in both (upload and download) directions and presents itself with one public IP or an entire address range on the external side and to your network via a single cable connected to your edge device or router.

By simply bonding two or more internet services together you can create a single, fast, cost-effective internet connection. Even by bonding just two lines you will see the following benefits of:

  • Faster uploads
  • Faster downloads
  • Backup times significantly reduced
  • VPNs will perform more effectively
  • Better quality VoIP calls
  • Multi-line redundancy with automatic, unattended, seamless connection fail-over

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Is the speed and relibility of your internet connection costing you money?

Bonding from Wideline can improve your bottom line. Internet Bonding provided by